Dell Inspiron 13 7348 Hands On and First Look

The Dell Inspiron 13 7348 is a mid range laptop refreshed by Dell in the first quarter of 2015. It features the newly announced 5th generation Core i5 processor along with a Full HD touch display at 1920 by 1080p and 8 gigs of RAM. It also comes with a stylus brilliantly stored on the upper right side of the laptop.
Watch the unboxing and hands on video

5th Gen Intel Core i5 5200U
13 inch Full HD Touch Enabled Display (1920*1080)
WaveMaxx Audio Speakers
Intel 5500 Graphics

The design of the Insipiron 13 is reminiscent of the higher range XPS performance series also offered by Dell. It features an all round aluminium build along with a soft touchy back that reminds me of the Alienware series also made by Dell.

It features a convertible mode that can been used in a variety of form factors.


Regular Laptop Mode

It can be used as a regular laptop, the keyboard feels good and very tactile. The touchscreen can still be used in this mode.


Movie mode

Then it can be used in the movie mode where the keyboard is flipped and deactivated to prevent unintended keypresses due to the orientation. In this mode, the display is the center of attention and with moderately loud speakers by WaveMaxx audio it should make for a good entertainment machine.


Tablet Mode

It can also be used as a tablet, albeit a large 13 inch tablet. At this stage, the inclusion of the stylus makes sense as you can take advantage of the transforming ability of the Dell Inspiron 13.

IMG_8807 IMG_8808

The Inspiron 13 can also be used in presentation mode where it is in a bent form. This mode is best used to demonstrate or as the name implies “present”.

As demonstrated by the several modes demonstrated above, the Insipiron 13 is very versatile and will be best suited for people who need something portable, sleek and fast. The only con that I can nitpick on however is the lack of dedicated graphics.

Other pictures of the Dell Inspiron 13

IMG_8815 IMG_8814 IMG_8812 IMG_8810

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